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  • robot test

    i might need to figure out how to add a captcha to prevent such insane spam commenting on my site. stay tuned for more!! ps: customer service for godaddy was shockingly nice and informative on what each service is and how to run my site. props to godaddy!!

  • Fanmade splatoon weapon by me

    Spray bottles inspired by cleaning supplies, you have to manually press for one large spray followed by a small line of droplets which does very high damage droplets like 80 damafe with rhe initial spray doing somewhere in 50, the unique ink carry is similar to the dual guns and u can carry two, fun […]

  • thinfs whicu ive thrown out

    Pattern where i throw out thinfs that make me feel meh only to get rid of important stuff like money and imporwnr objects like my dad’s uugioj cards and my lockpick set and yet kep plastic cupsim always tossing thinfs and somwtimes they’re mega important like idk life insurance papers but sometimes it’s junk and […]

  • dr martins

    bought full price dr martins they look amazinf but fuck were they expensive. would again 100% i just need thicker socks or ankle bandages lol. the reviews are right they are sme really awesome shoe. 1460 W BLACK expensive but sooo worrh it

  • all my writing documents from the semester

    full of lies and soup that’s a minecraft skin ^ originally i was going to upload a full 80 page poorly typed out document on all the ways ai was and is going to be used in the future and how we can stop it from harming industries and how to work with it to […]

  • treasure

    i want to shower in fake jewels which are very lgiht and pretty and big and small and stuff i would draw an animation but i’m lazy and animation hard and too much work imagine girl in middle and jewels pouring into the room four sources and she flings the jewels in the air and […]

  • crazy shit which would give me hives if i said it for the world to see

    my little pony friendship is magic was so good that i had sex with a friend because of it hives if i said it for the world to s remember that time ms mogul (10th grade eng teacher, name changed) posted that poetry assignment and i wrote something real down and then felt that strange […]

  • Big update

    Will be posting all my work for my writing 102 argument essay on here once some stuff with it is over, the amount of research and stuff i learned for it is kind of massive so you’re going to be getting several dozen pages worth of wrtiting and pictures and just screencaps along with a […]

  • crazy stuff that happens

    like imagine ur a child on the internet and u don’t really know what’s happening cause ur eight and can’t speak for urself yet and some guy on some chatroom proposions u for nudes or sex acts and stuff and u can’t tell anyone when ur an adult and it’s so sad and u get […]

  • Protected: women *sips coffee* tf2 meme insert here. the password is women

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.