Month: March 2023

  • movie

    saw the new d&d movie. Would go and see it, if only to see a fatass dragon. Otherwise it was a passable movie. References galore and all that fun spell casting jazz. Not too highly rated but not low either. Enjoy Chris Pine. heads up—- spoileds ahead. Dont know how to write a spoiler tag […]

  • jokes (will be updated)

    What’s red and smells like green paint? Green paint. I lied about the red.

  • Weight Loss

    In my psych lecture my professor mentioned that if you want to lose weight you can post about it publically and the desire to avoid shame or embarrassment will help you keep it off? I hope this is true…

  • tinder nonsense

    now yall know how i’ve been online

  • holidays in no particular order

    mar10 = march 10 pi day 3.14

  • beed recipe

    one. cut beef with scissors and season to liking two, realize u forgot something at the gym and go bac to the gym, telling ur grandma u need her to help with the beef on the way out three, expect to come home to cooked beef, instead see her cutting the beef into smaller strips […]