Month: February 2023

  • The electricity

    Man!!! Our electicity went out and then the wifi for my phone didnt work vv but i had time for the first time to make a really good lemonade ^^ i also boyght too many groceries and now idk what to do with all this food ?? But at least it’s a problem of surplus […]

  • today

    hanging out with friend today. Name redacted she said she wanted a fake name lol not happening said I “Dance along with my richness” which is true. anyway talk to u all later ^^

  • aw jeez rick

    Did nit soend enough time studying fricccccccck bad test grade but overall a good set… got <redacted> but i think it was fair and reasonable. what is it like to be tall?

  • pilled

    short statements today. did some travelling have a test for school. hoping to do well pribably wont. need to get lockdown browser >.> whatever ig. so desd inside have to weite a paper too. <color>pilled based extrovert bye everyone -jacklyn yeh