Class and the like

I REALLY LIKE SCHOOL. I completely forgot how much I actually enjoy topics and lesson plans and all the like. I know most people feel an intense distain for it, but it’s about my favorite thing ever. I’m finally back to going to classes and studying and trying hard. It’s somewhat embarrassing that I’m about to be a super senior due to not following anyone’s advice to graduate but like whatever haha‽

I don’t think I’m going to have time for Tetris now. This, on top of the other stuff I do/New Years cleanup, is putting me in a very awkward situation where I’m going to be busy as heck. I know the difficulty is about to ramp up, at least in the classes I’m taking.

I think all the assignments I have so far are decent enough. It seems like I’ll be spending most of my time taking notes and learning/reviewing concepts, which is how I figured my days would go.

I think one of my professors has a sense of modern day humor (as she was happy to receive a meme related to people believing the wrong answer is right) putting me in a VERY good spot!! omg I’m so excited for class to really start! Maybe it’s the sadist in me, but I really think life is fun when people start getting panicked through the year due to overflow of books and workload.

Alright! Spring 2023, I’m already here for you!



By Jacklyn

I am very small and wake up early everyday. Please feed me ice cream after dinner.