Class and the like

I REALLY LIKE SCHOOL. I completely forgot how much I actually enjoy topics and lesson plans and all the like. I know most people feel an intense distain for it, but it’s about my favorite thing ever. I’m finally back to going to classes and studying and trying hard. It’s somewhat embarrassing that I’m about to be a super senior due to not following anyone’s advice to graduate but like whatever haha‽

I don’t think I’m going to have time for Tetris now. This, on top of the other stuff I do/New Years cleanup, is putting me in a very awkward situation where I’m going to be busy as heck. I know the difficulty is about to ramp up, at least in the classes I’m taking.

I think all the assignments I have so far are decent enough. It seems like I’ll be spending most of my time taking notes and learning/reviewing concepts, which is how I figured my days would go.

I think one of my professors has a sense of modern day humor (as she was happy to receive a meme related to people believing the wrong answer is right) putting me in a VERY good spot!! omg I’m so excited for class to really start! Maybe it’s the sadist in me, but I really think life is fun when people start getting panicked through the year due to overflow of books and workload.

Alright! Spring 2023, I’m already here for you!




Baller stuff

I’m like more than halfway through my winter course which is nive and i bought some acryllics and press on nails. I’m going to try to use some of my friend’s and my own polish to start making some phenominal nail art. There’s a salon nearby i might message the son of the othet to have access to their nail polishes for art reason. Probably not the last part lol i dont want to interrupt their business hours >.<. But i will be trying to make some art designs. I also saw that fruits are super expensive in korea? Maybe I’ll pick up grape farming for them LMAO (jk not actually i can barely grow tomatoes).
nail pic from a beginner. Woohoo


Omg Crazy Moment

Omg… what if I…. added something else that wasn’t a post… would that be crazy or what????

Could be really really cool………. Omg…… Also classes are very long and detailed…. I’m getting so many questions wrong! I don’t know what any of these people are talking about except confucious. How are you supposed to get these questions right? I’m so lost !!


What do u mean my website got a boost

I was about to talk about my friends and stuff but instwad my website got a boost??? Um, thanks????? Idk if i want taht but i’m glad to have gotten one?? Anyway i screwed up my school assignments by taking tests early!! I thought it was infinite retakes but it wasn’t LMAO!!$ my bad!! Anyway kids today’s lesson is that it’s ok to spend ur whoke day ignoring ur job playinf games and texting friends and acquaintances !! Also Kant was wild and his moral imperative and his writings on autonomy are super based!! I forgot college is hard lol!

i also beat celeste but still want to get theought the crystals heart cavern (core) and then do a bside or two! Golden ridge b side and temple bside were too hard so im gonna try the first bside hopwfully it’s easier i hope so mych >.<

ok bye for nwo!! Will update if i can frickin kill even the most basic lady boss in spelunky!!! Otherwise im going back to not talking