Month: January 2023

  • Class and the like

    I REALLY LIKE SCHOOL. I completely forgot how much I actually enjoy topics and lesson plans and all the like. I know most people feel an intense distain for it, but it’s about my favorite thing ever. I’m finally back to going to classes and studying and trying hard. It’s somewhat embarrassing that I’m about […]

  • Baller stuff

    I’m like more than halfway through my winter course which is nive and i bought some acryllics and press on nails. I’m going to try to use some of my friend’s and my own polish to start making some phenominal nail art. There’s a salon nearby i might message the son of the othet to […]

  • Omg Crazy Moment

    Omg… what if I…. added something else that wasn’t a post… would that be crazy or what???? Could be really really cool………. Omg…… Also classes are very long and detailed…. I’m getting so many questions wrong! I don’t know what any of these people are talking about except confucious. How are you supposed to get […]

  • What do u mean my website got a boost

    I was about to talk about my friends and stuff but instwad my website got a boost??? Um, thanks????? Idk if i want taht but i’m glad to have gotten one?? Anyway i screwed up my school assignments by taking tests early!! I thought it was infinite retakes but it wasn’t LMAO!!$ my bad!! Anyway […]