perfect excuses

today i went to a memorial, which is to say, were i enrolled in this school year, i could have had an excuse during finals… lunched at nyc restaurant afterwards.

Otherwise, i played piano for the first time in weeks, and my arm feels way better. I haven’t done an octave stretch in months. Plan on going to the pool tomorrow for some time. I bought some stuff off Amazon. Things are shaping up to work out well this holiday season.




Trying to write a generic love somg

Idk how to get this to paste what’s on my cyrl+c page


In less scary song forms, i made a pizza today and mmmm it was very good. I have a lot of leftovers, just a warning, i think it was very underbaked, and idk if raw flour and water (didnt use anything else) can give you stomach problems? I think it should be fine though.
I lowkey want to make music which can go viral >.< i dont think i’m good enough to do it though >.< i have too many conflicting feelings on this >.< ok bye for now!