one whole month

i’m virtually not doing anything for almost all of december??? i should find something to do besides playing all these video games… but what?
edit an opportunity just presented itself but will i take it??? probably not >.<


been a while since i posted. shadows over loathing game just dropped

holy firck i’ve been at this for about the whole afternoon and im still doing puzzles and dungeons. here’s some tips.

spoilers for the game.

the chemistry building codes are like 2122 or 2 something in the 2xxx series. like 2122 2221 2121 2211 2212 etc etc. the bronze code is 3132. the culprit is the rubber shoe salesman. sewer grate in the omega frat house and the garden.

ive been beat up so many times and i can’t figure out how tot get the gass up to 100%. iddk how others are going in game but im exhausted and taken like 1000000000000000000000 cold damage. i’m having fun though. my mom said i’m in the fanatasy with the whole world in front ofo me lol.

i think i need to buy like a whole jug of tea for this though hahaha. will update with more codes and solved solutions. let me know if i forgot anything, but i get so muh spam and overwhlemd by the comments.



oh yea im a jazz ajkfnajkdds with molly as my main companion and im on like chapter three. i chose chemistry astronomy and food fighting. nexxt time im going liberal arts causse this rock shiz is too damn hard. i also messed up and chose the bakery which is mysticality class. but i chose the instrument store correctly.

ok gl future players.

holy frick i just got the professor from making bronze into life. frick yea. i feel like the guide on this game can be insane to like totally normal.

chrome juice is 4123

won the game by beating the face up but now i need to go achievement hunting. where are all the toilets?