Month: August 2022

  • A short guide on being a social reject

    deny humor ??? profit Oh yea the place I was talking about is 4cahn, the forum. there’s like a ton of forums and that one is infamous for some reason? idk maybe it’s just the easiest one to talk about online. I guess there’s a lot of things the internet can be used for, maybe […]

  • Forums

    I keep going onto forums and such thinking I’m going to find content which I like, completely forgetting that most people in the world don’t agree with my tastes. Now I feel bad. I want to post on the internet and contribute to it, but I find that getting flamed really sucks and dissuades me […]

  • To Phish or Be Phished

    I was recently phished, as the title implies, and while I did not lose anything, it leaves me to wonder why there is so much phishing in the world. I guess it’s a good way to make ends meet. So there it is: To Be Phished is the way of life. I see websites which […]

  • Places I’ve been to and am at

    I guess I’ve seen a lot around the world. I don’t know if I’d like to travel more or less, but from what I have seen, the world is a remarkable and nice place. I’m sure I should be more concerned, but I’m just not. No names or faces in this post: only what was […]