A short guide on being a social reject

  1. deny
  2. humor
  3. ???
  4. profit

Oh yea the place I was talking about is 4cahn, the forum. there’s like a ton of forums and that one is infamous for some reason? idk maybe it’s just the easiest one to talk about online.

I guess there’s a lot of things the internet can be used for, maybe I should try to do something good with whatever I have… but nah, I think I’ll just act like an idiot and succumb to decay. Sorry to disappoint. The terms for people like me either are pity or ”blowing off.” I guess I just feel small, like even in a society of short people I’m still very short.

Undertale, but nobody came

Twitter and the internet are always offering me serious topics and people are often asking me how I’m doing, on account of the insults and hatred which is directed at me. I can say I’m doing poorly, but that won’t change the years of damage done. Supposedly I even self sabotage— I take the stance that we are a failed experiment, and whatever we (as in everyone) do doesn’t matter, including others when they harm me. To me, all actions are like moving the sand, and you will be ended by the earth’s movements as quickly as you were conceived. (Oooooo sex joke, way to remind everyone that u are a fetish, writer).

stan being the beaten down not the winner



I keep going onto forums and such thinking I’m going to find content which I like, completely forgetting that most people in the world don’t agree with my tastes. Now I feel bad.
I want to post on the internet and contribute to it, but I find that getting flamed really sucks and dissuades me from posting. I don’t want to post online if the result would be mockery and then being yelled at. There’s also the fact that I don’t want to be a degenerate, but the internet makes everyone into a rake.

I know I leave a lot to be desired as a person. I hope you would stick by me, even with all my flaws.



Note: I don’t know what it would take to be a good person or even to be small and desirable.

extra note: i don’t want to be someone even more foolish and bullied or mocked by society than I am today; I already feel hated and stereotyped. I don’t want to be like an affable loser who licks her wounds, I’d like to be a champion. I guess I would like to be a part of a larger movement, one not stewed in antonyms and antagonists, something livable and even if polluted or disgusting, at least something I recognize in the mirror.

The complaining song

My hair is bad and my grandma died the other day

The planet’s heating up and there’s no chance to be happy

Inflation’s high

Girls are sad

We’re all sick

It’s getting bad

Deal with it!

Complaing song

Complaining song

We all sing the complainging song

When we’re disempowered and misinformed

We complain about thinfs all day done

And there’s a crux to this

A real solution to this

If we gathered around

And acted on our feelings


Complaining song

Compoaining song

We all sing the complaining song

Complaining song

Complaining song

We all aing the complainging song

Taxes are high

(It doesn’t matter)

My fiance died

(Oh yoyr heart shattered)

Complainging song

Complaining song

We all sing the complaining song 

Complaining song

Complaining song

We all sing the complaaainning song

Maybe it would be better to write about other people, but I don’t want to at all. I feel similar to the writer of that tiger mom book: disguising my lack of interest in someone else’s life and story by claiming he or she should write their own story, knowing full well most people probably wouldn’t do so🚸.

oh, I also played GTA V for the first time today. I actually feel alarmed by my actions in the game, but mostly I am just glad my character is beefy enough to take the hits, and that you can restart missions if you fail.

As for Discord, I joined and left some groups. not much to report there.
i might try to make a scroll machine in a couple of days, some art which will take up the screen and could need to be parsed through. i might do that. maybe.


OH DIP TONIGHt gonna go look at some lights in the sky


To Phish or Be Phished

I was recently phished, as the title implies, and while I did not lose anything, it leaves me to wonder why there is so much phishing in the world. I guess it’s a good way to make ends meet. So there it is: To Be Phished is the way of life.

I see websites which post helpful content get more views, but I kind of like putting down whatever scribbles or thoughts I have on here. I mostly think about personality and pseudo personality tests (Myers Briggs among other tests.) What fun they are! I really enjoy such studies, even if I find the results on personality perplexing. I think humanity’s attempts to understand herself can go to extremes, but at least this set of tests seems benign.

I think I am a scholarly and thoughtful person, who is somewhat traditional but open to new things. I feel like a lot of what I do could be described in the evil category, though there is supposed to be more good than evil in the world?

It’s either personality or looking at Wikipedia articles on either pop culture or personal definition. Either way, I think the world is better for the internet as our curiosity drives us forward to new worlds.

I was watching Star Trek recently, which I guess could alter my writing.

I’m sure there’s some feelings like “ugh” which could be used to describe my writing. I’d like to make a banned story reaction character, but the website no longer exists in the form I’m used to, so I’ll just have to describe her.

“Ugh” face, black sunflower hair, tanned skin, pink dress or bathrobe, level 5 adventurer. No weapon equipped.

I miss the free fun that was had when I was young, though I’m sure there’s still much out there that I don’t know about.

Back to video games I go…


Places I’ve been to and am at

I guess I’ve seen a lot around the world. I don’t know if I’d like to travel more or less, but from what I have seen, the world is a remarkable and nice place. I’m sure I should be more concerned, but I’m just not. No names or faces in this post: only what was and talking a little bit.

Even though I complain a lot about life, sometimes it is really nice.