Summertime and What to Do

I just went for a walk outside and the weather is so moist and humid, it builds up with electricity and then pours quickly and without warning. It’s no wonder this area is known for its coast for the air ripples with the masculine (yea i said that) potential of a son. Even still, there’s more delicacy than most (including myself) are comfortable with. I was thinking about how I live and even sleep, and about how I currently live in a Western style while I am from an Eastern civilization. Parts of me long to return to such a life, despite rumors of sickness, lack of representation and disease, if not for the fact that I blend in enough to say it’s my home. I don’t know if I should stay this way (hating and full of negative tones and remarks). Maybe I’ll end up getting sent to an even worse, more desolate and vermin filled area, with age and longer times of waiting between events.

And fat people.

So what to do while I await the day I suddenly panic and die? Who knows. Maybe I’ll be someone who find an occupation, or maybe I’ll just stay insulted and a minority for my entire life, never to break out of the “Asian Ghetto” or whatever you call where (and how) I live. Typecast for life. I guess I shouldn’t worry too much about it. Most of the time I am already a part of the masses, unacknowledged and with someone else in the limelight. I’ll just go back to playing Minecraft.

In the meanwhile: what to do about all these comments? Who knows.

By Jacklyn

I am very small and wake up early everyday. Please feed me ice cream after dinner.