For a long time I desired to be somewhat perfect and still do; I often find you are limited based on things outside of your control, and while that makes me a loser or uncool, I hope feeling this way is still understood and accepted by others. One time I invited a classmate over and she accepted. While she was over I was asking if I should consider myself one way or another and she responded that I’m probably less accepted than I think I am. While it was a taste of humble pie, I’m glad for the experience, as it was a somewhat true answer to who I am.

all stories aside, I feel somewhat disheartened by where I stand in the world, even seen by people who care about me. Maybe the daily violence and lateness experienced is somewhat earned.

Even though I am uncertain, I’ll post this writing anyway. Maybe I’ll spend this time (since I have little to do in the next week) going through my comments again? Most people say things like that are a fools errand or impossible task, yet I want to make it through anyway. I’m worried I’ll mark some things which are meant to be ”correctly submitted” wrongly and other ”incorrect answers” as right, or that I’ll end up insulting someone who I like again, but whatever happens when I choose what to publish, I will do it with certainty


By Jacklyn

I am very small and wake up early everyday. Please feed me ice cream after dinner.