Month: July 2022

  • A Lot Of Accounts

    I have a lot of internet accounts and tons of emails and such… I don’t know what to do about all this. I feel like I’m horribly balanced, and I don’t know if I could ever be better. In other news, I threw some sharp things at a target today with more to come… They […]

  • Summertime and What to Do

    I just went for a walk outside and the weather is so moist and humid, it builds up with electricity and then pours quickly and without warning. It’s no wonder this area is known for its coast for the air ripples with the masculine (yea i said that) potential of a son. Even still, there’s […]

  • this month

    last month was glad month jk last month was pride month but bear with me here this month is sad month Honestly idk what else to post on here. I’m still not a good person. Ugliness from the inside, cheap goods, old news and uncool, etc etc. I spent about <5 hours on social media […]

  • Beach and July

    Hype for July, it’s a great month. Sunny, hot, and filled with mosquitos. My mom is trying to convince me to play sports with her but I’ve dedicated myself to doing things like blogging instead. Trying to upload videos but it’s not going right now. I might forget to update, but it’s essentially firework footage. […]

  • cuphead

    cuphead is so incredibly hard so immensely difficult such a pain but it’s soooo fun uggggh. i’m a little cup… a small cup… i want to win against this robot guy. (playing dr kahl’s robot rn) and the delicious last course is fun af too… so hard… *dies* so many deaths in game… i’m tryin […]

  • Flawless

    For a long time I desired to be somewhat perfect and still do; I often find you are limited based on things outside of your control, and while that makes me a loser or uncool, I hope feeling this way is still understood and accepted by others. One time I invited a classmate over and […]