Month: April 2022

  • In my opinion

    All compliments are reclaimed insults, no one should ever speak ever, humans aren’t supposed to have a long lifespan, and the group chat is full of mellow people

  • Oops

    Sorry about not posting, became obsessed with a server on Discord. in today’s news, I wrote a paper but looked at the requirements and I wrote abouf 400% more than I was supposed to. Oops. Well, I don’t want to resubmit it, but I feel kind of weird about breaking perameters. I’m just so used […]

  • Uneventful Weekend

    Maybe there’s something going on this weekend, but I’m not a part of it. I’m finally watching The Social Network with Jesse Eisenberg, though I hadn’t intended on watching it. Best of luck, Jacklyn

  • tweets on twitter

    fresh tweets hot from the posting have no proof you just wrote this so someone can say they wrote what you just put out there since all information is free and legalities are not in your favor as exampled by all the statements about lacking even the most basic civil rights detailed below. oh also […]

  • Good afternoon

    I just called and talked with my aunt, and it was a nice conversation

  • In Actual News

    At my university they’re renaming one of the buildings you can live in.

  • Massive Differences in People

    It’s funny, in a lot of ways, different parts of the internet act differently from each other. I just got myself absolutely muted in a server for being generally not good to be around and sounding like an artificial intelligence like siri? Some person suggested that I do their homework? I think this is way […]

  • games i know about and play

    “insert quote here” candy crush i guess i am very intimidating >:) i recently watched a podcast and it was very funny, i was surprised by their comedy… though i guess it would be easier to say i was channel surfing on discord and scared quite a few people >:) this is a short post […]

  • work and college

    man college is so hard. it takes so long, and it’s all with timed assignments. work is ok though… i kind of don’t really understand what the perfect representative of my job does so it’s sort of easy to pretend im doing well… like ik i’m bad at it? lowkey feel kind of bad about […]