In my opinion

All compliments are reclaimed insults, no one should ever speak ever, humans aren’t supposed to have a long lifespan, and the group chat is full of mellow people



Sorry about not posting, became obsessed with a server on Discord. in today’s news, I wrote a paper but looked at the requirements and I wrote abouf 400% more than I was supposed to. Oops. Well, I don’t want to resubmit it, but I feel kind of weird about breaking perameters. I’m just so used to writing HUGE word counts that I just kept adding onto the words without really thinking about the content. I never really made any standards for myself since I spent all my time working for a deadline to keep the lifestyle I have. I think if I made a word count, I wouldn’t even expect a full writing as an answer. Like if someone handed me a particularly nice piece of paper with a line or two on it and was privileged or busy with other school work or knowledge I would just let them pass. This is why I’m not a professor or TA at my school. because I have no concept of what it takes to be in charge of things. I am also late perpetually.

Anyway, I hate oher people more than I dislike myself, which apparently is a very common thing. Another common thing is to blame other people for all your problems, which I am very happy to do because any sense of self ownership implies that I would have to not give up my supplies to the coolest person or highest, and that’s ***** stupid. Anyway if I tried to consider myself as a group or a standard for anything I would fail, snd I know i would fail.

without regard for others,


ps: I have to take like 12 credits to live on school campus, but it’s more likely I will be busy with personal matters, and since I’m not used to doing things for myself, I’m struggling to even make the basic standard for university attendance, schoolwork, participation, and several other standards of life like driving, doing all of these chores, and making enough money to sustain my life. As such, I will most likely be unable graduate from this university. In addition, my family is moving to Pennsylvania, and I want to join them. If anyone knows how to stay on Long Island despite all these factors, please let me know? I’m sick of relocating every half decade or so. I don’t want to just do lip service or even advance in something, I sort of want to be good at what I do and keep my outside life consistent.


Uneventful Weekend

Maybe there’s something going on this weekend, but I’m not a part of it. I’m finally watching The Social Network with Jesse Eisenberg, though I hadn’t intended on watching it.
Best of luck,



tweets on twitter

fresh tweets hot from the posting

have no proof you just wrote this so someone can say they wrote what you just put out there since all information is free and legalities are not in your favor as exampled by all the statements about lacking even the most basic civil rights detailed below. oh also be subtle every single day because everyone is scared of how you look and you didn’t even get the fucking eyelid surgery cause you’re a pussy and the man didn’t want you anyway. be vile and unaccepted and partake in interracial marriage because no one who looked like you wanted you and piss off your old friends because you are a bad person and guilt trip everyone and remind them why they didn’t ever want to be near you anyway, then become an alcoholic and pretend like liquor is a real person you can talk to while slowly devolving into a piece of machinery cause no one thinks you’re interesting enough to talk to in reality since they all pray to leave your sorry ass anyway. and make sure to be insanely specific thus proving that you weren’t good enough to begin with.

don’t forget to steal the lighter aspects of darker cultures to make yourself seem young and beautiful when actually it’s just another trick. also keep in mind you never talk about current “authors” only ugly people cause that’s what you are. and spend lots of money.

also be obese and fucking hated.

remember that you’re not getting paid at all and work because you’re so “nice inside” when in reality there’s just so many of you that no one cares how old you get.

[email protected]·for not doing it enough!!! let’s pretend that inequality makes sense and isn’t just a way to ignore the fact life is hard for everyone affected by it 🙂 and make sure to gloss over and forge the fact that you personally did evil and made yourself unlovable and forgettable[email protected]·by being all mixed together and more despised than the death penalty!!! let’s all be inferior and hated and so damn ugly that everyone dies out all at the same time and are called stupid for having lots of kids and raising population while simultaneously being ignorant and dumb[email protected]·don’t forget to have low expectations and poor life outcomes and make sure to give other people everything you have so they can do something great while you rot at home because it really is better for everyone if someone in power gets more power 🙂 let’s end segreationYou Retweetedyoojin @yoojpls·how do people soloq… how are you so strong….167241[email protected]·they are! And for desert, none of this was meant in an aggressive, scary, or manner meant to imply otherness and lack of beauty 🙂[email protected]·And finally, get home before dark because no one will protect you 🙂 this isn’t a flaw of the system and the people elected to say this aren’t just as scared as you are 🙂 when people lose their place in civil society it’s not because they are at a lower level 🙂 it’s just who[email protected]·Remember to be a nationalist and hate everyone else’s race and country while simultaneously hyping up your own! Don’t forget to make sure the current leader in artistic society is the one most similar to Great British in Europe : Japan for East Asia![email protected]·To write about women and slaves in the same sentence (thomas jefferson’s writings)! Stay loyal to abuse and if anyone says that your life is messed up ignore them and try to do terrible things to them! Be famous! Don’t forget to serve other people’s privilege![email protected]·Similar because the person who wrote them probably came from the same place! Don’t forget that everyone who isn’t acidified is automatically black and that rejects all sound the same! Also remember that I want to stay the same!! Make sure to enjoy easy listening and don’t forget[email protected]·HAHAHA!!! Wow bird app so funny, i’m still a second class citizen, and, “destined to mediocrity!” Let’s Complain Episode 98 in where I get recommended to stay in a crazy house and stay reminded that language is an inherent ability and that the words Squint and Squanto sound[email protected]·Haha i think your desperation to be loved is sad and pathetic!!! I hope you burn and go for someone who looks like you someday!!! Don’t forget to pay reparations >:) don’t forget we’re all in the lowest social class together!!! Anyone can do anything to me and I wouldn’t fight![email protected]·Haha wow it’s almost like you link the concepts of age-dark skin-gender-otherness-fat-danger-loathing and difference with each other!!! I want you to take your civil and human liberties and never speak to me again![email protected]·The west despite only speaking in characters and using gourds as the main fruit!!! Almost like disposable westerners are disapproved of, there is xenophobia, and beauty standards are cultural!!! I forgot you exalt stupidity most of all!!![email protected]·Sorry was busy reminding myself of injustice against asians to prove the point that i’m unintelligent and only good for working !!! Friendly reminder that getting banned is one of the most unattractive things to happen!!! Easily tricked and suppoedly wanting to be like[email protected]·Oh it seems I forgot people only like it when you say good things about them. I’ll keep that in mind next time I love a Chinese man and marry a Korean man or something 🙂 hold onto samsung kids!!![email protected]·Despise twitter for making it impossible to follow east asians but completely fine to find westeners.[email protected]·我不要西。[email protected]·Rodney King riots[email protected]·There was a girl in San Francisco whose property was broken into. It was her home and her yard was used for a party. “Chinese residents were also subjected to home searches and property destruction by force.” -san fran, 1900. History repeats itself.[email protected]·Perhaps more than this misery is knowing that I cannot leave.[email protected]·Am I a slave to you? Some fucking property?[email protected]·Is that all I am to you? An uncomfortable red light worker? I wish you ill.[email protected]·Chinese massacre of 1871 On Oct. 24, 1871 … more than 500 White and Hispanic rioters surrounded and attacked Los Angeles’ small Chinese community, centered in a red-light district known as Negro Alley.[email protected]·And in 1854, the California Supreme Court reinforced racism against Asian immigrants in People v. Hall, ruling that people of Asian descent could not testify against a White person in court, virtually guaranteeing that Whites could escape punishment for anti-Asian violence.[email protected]·thinking about videos of small babies in psychological experiments and can’t get over them… poor babies… what did they do to deserve being scared? for my education?


Good afternoon

I just called and talked with my aunt, and it was a nice conversation


In Actual News

At my university they’re renaming one of the buildings you can live in.


Massive Differences in People

It’s funny, in a lot of ways, different parts of the internet act differently from each other. I just got myself absolutely muted in a server for being generally not good to be around and sounding like an artificial intelligence like siri? Some person suggested that I do their homework? I think this is way off from what is true in the world. I know I talk somewhat like a machine, not really out of desire but since I used machine coded languages and texts as if they were friends. I guess this sort of maladaptive lifestyle is common for people who have been given up on.

They were quick to outcast and yell at me without waiting for the chance to talk, choosing (as most people did) to hammer and flatten my words out instead of listening to me. I shouldn’t be surprised by this, as it’s a common thing among outcasted, disliked, and generally unworthy people to sort of get rid of someone who doesn’t fit neatly into their social system? Also they all used the at button at the same time, which I quite liked. They kept mentioning the text style I used, which was somewhat sad. I almost wish I could actually be a person, but I think the truth of reality is that even though while I smile and talk like a human being, I don’t think I was ever fully classified as one. I think being someone who is a true, full member of society is only a recent social development, and I feel old enough to know that I’m no more sophisticated than using two pointy sticks. It’s awful in some ways, but mostly I should be ok with being thrown out of where I loved the most for being too poor and bad, right?

I know a part of being happy is accepting the lot in life you’ve been given. I guess I have to do that on the way to being an even more disliked and evil figure to people, right?

It messes me up the youngest girl to become pregnant was four in Peru, while everyone else was older than she was. She couldn’t have a life or something of her own and people were willing to preserve such a terrible thing to happen to someone else. Do you think on the planet, that would be the ending of humanity? An infant pregnant with her father’s child still inside her mother’s womb, or an elderly man still depending on his mother’s dowry? I don’t know, the world is so incorrect and people are desperate to escape their poor and desperate situation.

I worry in part for myself but also for people around me, and I know that sort of behavior is extremely disliked when put into practice, I guess it just seems so pointless when people can’t handle the spotlight or scrutiny put upon themselves yet expect to know this information about others? I hope hypocrisy is the word for it.

Sometimes, I assume with hyperbole or a roast in mind, people ask me how I’m still alive. Mostly because people love and care about me, a sentiment that is rapidly fading. I have no doubt it will continue to be this messed up.

Sometimes I wonder what it is to actually be a five star person, or someone who is actually marvelous, but really I don’t know. It feels ironic that people hated comic books and ridiculed nerds in the past, but now it’s been used for money. It feels bad knowing that actors make fun of nerd culture, and that even though these people make huge amounts of money and travel around the world, they’re still brutally mocked and teased. It’s even implied this level of society is incredibly low, so if this level is one of the worst in the world, than what am I?

I’m sure this level of cruelty and lack of understanding has gotten me into massive trouble. I’ve already been mostly labelled with reasons to not be chosen for anything reasonable, to be someone who lived and died a pointless life trying someone’s clothing that will never fit, hated by all and so late on in the process so as to be unworth any time. Seen as a bitch and a butch and some slab of meat with a face, right? not even a being who is a neat person, after being so hurt and damaged.

What’s the fucking point? What’s the reason to slave away for these thirty four hours, on a meaningless dimensionless thing without even a reason to say hello to friends who used to like me but have moved on? What’s the point of constantly trying to increase my social circle, to be falsely guessed on, or simply to be forgotten and left alone, to be rejected and then to have my inventions used on the city we live in? Shit, what’s the point? Isn’t some of the misery in this being someone who can’t even protect herself, or otherwise to be so mistreated and abused, to be forgotten about and to join in the decay of our lives?

I wish people weren’t so territorial, so likely to hit women, to be so awful to each other as to make life not worth living. I was blocked so many times and really shit on by other people, it actually wasn’t anything but a comedic torture by the end of it. I know that’s not what I was supposed to get from it, but it’s what I ended up coming to terms with.

god, how much surgery do people have to do to feel comfortable with themselves?

There’s a lot of things wrong with me, but one thing is for sure: it’s really nice to have this site as a place where I can erite and be listened to, otherwise I’d be scared of being cast as a villain and never breaking out of that role, or being pidgeonholed so hard you couldn’t even take flight. Everyone hated Frida Kahlo too. I’m sure they disliked Picasso as well. I guess it’s a fact people hate who I am.

Is it better than dying, or is this another industrial plot to cycle people through the system since you don’t know what to do with them? Is that why we live so long? because you can’t kill us all the right way, so we have to live in uncertainty, trained for things we don’t even really care about.

Whatever. I’ll go do something fake and low numbered and pretend I really enjoyed it.


Jacklyn Yeh

Oh, here’s a photo from the twitter of some anglo saxon who was obsessed with british rule for some reason? i can’t find the photo nevermind. here’s a better one

You like quietly cribbed photos from google right? i didn’t ask for rights. here’s a link instead.

lol actually ive been caleld sus so many times it could just end up being a part of my username. Banned Sus.


games i know about and play

“insert quote here”

candy crush

i guess i am very intimidating >:)

i recently watched a podcast and it was very funny, i was surprised by their comedy… though i guess it would be easier to say i was channel surfing on discord and scared quite a few people >:) this is a short post today, nothing special. maybe i’ll try to go to school soon. ~.~ honestly, the drive to campus scares me a ton. there’s almost always a major accident every three weeks, and that’s more than enough to deter me from the area.

man these minecraft servers have hoes but no rakes makes me wonder if the game’s a fake, really stuttering around redstone clocks, ready to take off in a another spawn, holding on for one more draw




work and college

man college is so hard. it takes so long, and it’s all with timed assignments.

work is ok though… i kind of don’t really understand what the perfect representative of my job does so it’s sort of easy to pretend im doing well… like ik i’m bad at it?

lowkey feel kind of bad about it though…

as for what i’ve been doing: listening to korean radio, playing tetirs, playing maplestory, trying to finish and create work for school, sort of wondering if i should like… try to simplify my house or something idk.. should i clean something else???? idk……

i actually have a paperback copy of jurassic park and this artwork is really good. i thought it was going to be kind of dry but the dinosaur science is just interesting. i don’t really have much interest in the book itself but i like the words within it. i really only skimmed a paragraph or two and then flipped through the rest but for what it’s worth, the pages were very good. idk. i may try to draw one of the more interesting scenes highlighted by someone else who read the book. will i be posting this drawing? highly unlikely.

adieu for tonight,