Month: March 2022

  • 1:11

    The typical time to make a wish is 11:11pm, however, I think I was doing something at that time and am instead waiting here for the final timer to ring.

  • Moment on reddit

    Idk i feel like i posted this on reddit cause some girl wanted to know how to get a scholarship like honestly i probably should have told her that it’s pretty unlikely cause most of them are academic. Typically only losers and people who desperately are trying to be accepted and who are not cool […]

  • Poser on Discord

    Start 8:34 am It really angers me when I see a character similar to a bruiser and there are literally only men of the species, like take your hand out of that punching glove and attack me the way you are. Oh you can’t? Then maybe you’re just describing your pwn feminine form to me, […]

  • I guess all you see

    When I was younger, my older brother received a letter from the government deterring him from downloading pirates movies. I guess that is all you see right? Someone, who one day would hopefully be ugly and old, would only be there just to bolster your numbers. I already live in this country of criminals and […]

  • Fuck uuu in the ass with a FUCKING METAL BLADE

    I’ve never in my entire life been anything but rude angry and disappointed in you. I’ve never had anything but bad things to say, all my relationships have fallen apart, and everyone who meets me hates my guts and just wants my money. You wanna fucking fly in the face of danger or some shit? […]

  • Yo

    A cry disguised as a laugh a laugh disguised as a cry the desires of a man unpunished my crimes totally punished Martha Stewart, in control of herself people infantilizing Marta Stewart People asking for shorter sentences people asking for less time Dying on the blocks crying in my home covid has me locked up […]

  • God, I keep getting banned from places for breaking their rules or Tos or whatever, but seriously, I barely even am alive, and you’re on the brink of death, so who fucking cares?

    Fuck uuuuuuu suck my dick and die i tell u my opinion and i answer the questions and i give u my time and u fucking ban me???? You mat be here to keep the peace and be heroes but it’s shit like this that gives reddit the reputation of being a cesspool of insular […]