incredibly ill

having managed to become incredibly ill in the last three or so days, i find myself with the horrible concept of whether or not i would have to take all of this illness on my own. do i wait until i’m done being sick to clean, or clean as i go? I cannot tell what the right way to approach this is. I don’t know where I got these illnesses from (one causing me indigestion and the other just being a vomitting illness), but I think I drank too much cranberry juice which caused me to vomit. As for the indigestion, my mom says I have a cold, and I’m inclined to agree with her. I feel bad for the driver who brought me food, and my aformentioned friend, who I was watching the JK Rowling movie series with. Currently, I am VERY contagious and feel more awful than before. Alas, it should still be three or four more days until I am healthy enough to be public again.

I still have to go to class too…

By Jacklyn

I am very small and wake up early everyday. Please feed me ice cream after dinner.