Month: February 2022

  • h hitchcock – artist on twitter

    twitter user Hilbert_Nasu 🇨🇳Hilbert [email protected]_Nasu Whatever happens happens17/maleartists wannabeEng/中文feel free to contact medm openno commission but… @Hilbert_NasuHilbert [email protected]_NasuWhatever happens happens 17/male artists wannabe Eng/中文 feel free to contact me dm open no commission but…204 Following978 FollowersJoined November 2018how about. we team up. i let u have a website and in return. i see your art.i […]

  • Words used to describe me or people around me

    am so bad / only negative words describe me / will die early / waste of resources / live in a country of prostitutes / endlessly mocked / destined to work a low class job in eduction or something / probably will. E be unknown forever / fat from poverty and sickness / lost the […]

  • Recovered

    No longer incredibly sick 🙂 now in a ____ flavor. :(. incredibly bad at wordle

  • incredibly ill

    having managed to become incredibly ill in the last three or so days, i find myself with the horrible concept of whether or not i would have to take all of this illness on my own. do i wait until i’m done being sick to clean, or clean as i go? I cannot tell what […]

  • Relatable things on Instagram and the Poverty of America + Kidnapping

    So I spend a lot of time on social media and some of the things about it are always these huge manhunts for missing girls and the reports of people who are massively injured in law enforcements. I have little positive opinion on either of these things. Since more often I find myself facing issues […]

  • Protected: Soooooo Awkward

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Health, Evil, Good, Colors, and Alignment Charts

    Oftentimes I am criticized for my unhealthy lifestyle. It feels bad to be considered this way, but at the same time I understand why I would be considered unhealthy. I have a poor diet, don’t exercise frequently, keep excessive weight, and typically do not follow portion size at all. I also find it somewhat difficult […]

  • I actually deserve this

    I got into a trading platform which was for crypto trading and normally I choose other currencies but for some reason I was cold dmmed and accepted the dm but when going into the transaction I discovered the amounts being traded were dim compared to the rates I had beforehand and suddenly realized why I […]

  • So extremely bored

    I get life is supposed to have rest stops and breaks but I find myself so extremely bored. I understand the appeal of a work comes from how centric the audience is, and the works which are well liked in a time by a white male viewer will often have a characteristic large eyed value, […]