dungeons and dragons dungeon and separate experience

author note: I haven’t finished adding in all the character art, world art, or even the monster fights yet. Once I do though, you all can comment or email me and I’ll be happy to run a bad experience for you all. I also mostly only do art and write, so dungeon mastering hasn’t even been my main focus so far. honestly, I don’t like to play games a lot, but I always find myself playing them anyway. I’m also writing a reedsy prompt thing, but it costs $5 to submit, and I won’t win, so I may as well just post the work to my profile. Ok byeeee~

three adventure series: level 7-9, 3-10, then 17 and 26.

level 7-9 adventure, takes place during the color purple.

players spawn in a (garbage dump). they find charlotte crying in the corner over her lost lover, orange oval. they have to go with charlotte to his last seen location, an incorrectly done summoning ritual from purple arrow. after gathering clues from this location, you have to fight (or teleport in the castle, under mauve’s direction) your way across the field into the dwarven (or whatever) castle. there, you have to talk to the dwarves about their cool tech. they introduce you to the neverending festival and take you into the festivities.

after doing a festival (and a nice quest involving reuniting two lovers over a space bridge for their yearly or 7 year celebration by getting some chariot unstuck) you then meet the guy hosting the festival, marty mcfly. he tells you about this sick machine this professor guy made (nice going, professor) and you take it into the past where you meet purple arrow. after much confusion or a big reveal, it turns out this is purple arrow from the past, and her name is different in the future. mauve spear is the past name. she takes on her cousin’s name (purple arrow later). she then prepares to fight you (as her younger, stronger form from the past) and afterwards declares that she is no longer kyanós (a bluepurple line) but now purple arrow. she thanks you and sends you back into the future, where orange oval now exists because of your actions. he thanks you, and the rest of the map (relating to isles of mystery) is now available. 

this all takes place off the coast of one of matt’s worlds, idk which continent, you choose.

example text:

You own a beautiful tapestry. It is like many others, but this one is yours. It features a viridian background and violet bannered crest. There is a girl in the center of it, holding a star above her head. The tapestry is lined with silver. the girl looks a lot like purple arrow. she explains that it’s “from the past.” when asked how old, she says a couple of decades. 

But a shock comes one day, after you awake to the sound of birds. The color purple has been stolen! Purple arrow is shocked, and all of a sudden, charlotte bursts in crying, saying she and her boyfriend were looking for places to put their geologically supported breeze based growing technology, but then orange disappeared from existence in a large, windy portal! She couldn’t enter because of how strong the gust is. It’s located in a dump (literal dump), and she takes your team there if asked. your team also cannot enter.

So your team has to go across the land to get a WINDY ENTERING DEVICE from some dwarves currently aligned with the crew… only at problem sleth’s very diplomatic desires. 

then u travel.

can encounter: 3 beasts (level 7), 6 wild things (level 13), 100 spiders (level one, all must be fought individually, with one level 17 encounter spider at the end of it), and a whole bunch of old dwarfish junk and some scrapes with the bugs who lived there before the spiders discovered bugiculture.

after that travel, you have to back to the past, where you meet Princess Spears (who is a lot like Brtinery Spears). After helping her beat up her dad (who was not letting her be who she is) she thanks you, changes her name to purple arrow, and promptly sends you back to the past with the completed tapestry (rolled up) and a windy travelling device, along with a kiss to the player who did the most damage over the campaign (if you keep track of that sort of thing). 

THEN you go BACK TO THE FUTURE and say hi to Princess Spears. Charlotte is already lovingly on Equilbo Orange Oval the Nineteeth’s arm. 

(blah blah blah).

Oh, maybe you are crestfallen when you sink to your knees, face twisted in agony… Maybe you are despondent, brows furrowed, only mildly perturbed.

But either way, you are shaken. What prized possession can complete without its most prominent aspect, beautiful color, on display? None. 

So when you step outside to a mass of butterflies hurling into each other, a quest becomes obvious. 

You must restore the color purple. 

But first, while you’re lacing up your boots, your little sister comes out of her room, rubbing her bleary eyes. She yawns, and you nod to her, telling her you have to leave once again. She hands you a sheathed knife when you pull your pack on.

“Where are you going sis?”

“Back to adventure.”
“You gonna bring me anything?”

“How about a baby dragon?”

A little scaly head pops out over your little sister’s shoulder, and she shakes her head. It nips at her ear.

“Maybe not that…”

You hide a smile and kiss her on the forehead. You look over your wall of maps while she gets an overnight bag ready, choosing the one with the Palette Plains. 

Then you guys have breakfast and you bring her to her mother’s cottage thirty minutes away and it’s pretty cool and you feel very cool and then you just are such a butt and then you get to where you need to go (which is to say you get to the Palette Plains themselves).

The Palette plains are remarkable because there are blobs of rocks all weather beaten and laid out in the sun, each completely normal right now, but which change hues at random. (It is related to when a distant planet which many people think is a star shines down on the plains.)

Although you’ve adventured with others before, you feel… apprehensive about bringing them with you. Something is wrong. 

What happens after that intro scene:

  • The team encounters Princess Spears herself, distraught, but glad to see this group of travelers again
    • Spears is a riot. She really is.
  • They encounter Equilbo Orange soon afterwards and he gives them a lead
  • The group follows that lead to where Spears dumped all the purple
  • They take the purple with them
  • Something steals the purple
  • They get it back and the reversal method is established.
  • One of them sets it down in the middle of the town square
  • People start dipping their stuff in it & it shrinks as all the color bleeds back into the world naturally.
  • The team isn’t done yet, and they go talk to Spears.
  • Spears (still upset) explains what happened.
  • you go back home to pick up your kid sister, butterflies nowhere to be seen.

level 3-9 (level 10 is separate but related) adventure

  • Decide on the stakes of the conflict. The color purple has been stolen from the Fae Realm. The Eladrin won’t return the characters back until they have returned the color purple.  
  • Frame the final challenge the party will be faced with. The players have to negotiate with Violet Spears to either kill her, restart the ritual, or another option they come up with to bring the color purple back. If Violet Spears is killed, all future scenes will be with her as well. No explanation is given, but it’s a family-sister situation, where the two sisters have the same name but are actually first cousins. DO NOT EXPLAIN THIS TO THE PLAYERS. Violet can be revived by this cousin. The ritual ends up in a spoof character which looks like a car. They were trying to summon Ulton (thanks Michael Manning) but copyright doesn’t allow them to get HIM or the transformers, which Violet is very upset about.
  • Identify the motivations of various stakeholders. All of the Fae want the color purple back, on account of it mildly wreaking havoc on the animals, plus it makes their palaces look much less beautiful. On a more personal level, The Spears Dynasty wants their crown princess back, Equlibio, and Chartreuse want their best friend back. 
  • Create the antagonist. Violet Spears, obviously. 
  • Finalize the plot hook. The players all wake up in the middle of a ritual circle, with Chartreuse & Equlibio standing on the outside of it, along with a lot of gray Eladrin in fancy robes. They ask the players for help to bring the color purple back, and they say their ritual targeted the people with the greatest affinity to bring Violet back. (TBH the ritual only targeted people who were closest to her in ethereal connection.)
  1. The characters are teleported into the Faewild, into the heart of Violet’s storm. They are located in the ritual center of the Pastel Plains.
  2. Violet is surrounded by a large storm on the Palette Plains, 3 days travel by foot away from The Purple Palace. The storm has been occurring since the ritual. They will fight creatures on the way.
  3. The players will rest at the Orange Ottoman or the Green Grotto on the way.
  4. The players will reach Violet after half a day’s worth of travel. This task is easier if they have Equlibio.
  5. The players will fight or try to tame Violet. This task is easier if they have Mauve or Orchid. If the players have a sufficiently advanced wizard, I will tell him he has the option to study the ritual. In the DM handbook, this climax is known as, “The adventurers must discover the main villain’s secret weakness before they can hope to defeat that villain.”
  6. The players work to bring Violet back home, she is very sick and has + 4 levels of exhaustion or something. Escort task. This task is easier if they have Chartreuse.
  7. The players are rewarded when they bring Violet back home.
  8. The players leave the Faewild (most likely for good). 
  9. optional. the players have the option to do the level 10 quest, which is bringing violet (the cousin) together with the Fushia Ruler. Doing so rewards the players immensely.
  1. Start the Players out at the Action
  2. Narrate, adjudicate, and maintain the flow

Remember to: here’s what’s happening, what do you do, here’s what happens, what do you do?

Do not get bogged down by the rules. Do not freak out over any sort of combat. Keep calm and carry on.

You all blink, or from when you’ve fallen asleep and emerged inside of a chamber with a group of gray Eladrin surrounding you. One of them steps forward and she gives you a lovely smile. “Well you’re not who I expected to see.” 

She has dull, medium-gray skin and hair done up with elaborate clips. Behind her are an assortment of other Eladrin, most with skin in various shades of gray. There are two other noticeable Eladrin, orange and green. 

“It is lovely to have you all here in the Purple Palace, home to the Violet Shade in the Palette Planes.”  Her face remains cool and composed before she says, “I need you all to help me find the color purple.”

“We are in an uncomfortable situation here. You can tell my court and I are looking… washed out.”

Whatever the players decide to do here will affect certain things, but these are the details you need to know.

-The portal to teleport the players back is broken because the color purple is gone & the portal back to the mortal plane is fueled by a prismatic crystal or something

-The daughter’s name is Violet Spears

-The other Eladrin are named Equilbio Orange & Chartreuse Falcate.

-The players are free to explore the palace, the whole thing. Orchid asks the players not to enter any personal rooms without being invited in, but they are free to investigate however they choose, and no Eladrin will stop them. This is because the Violet Eladrin are operating at 2 levels of exhaustion while they are faded.

-The Eladrin don’t know what is going on, and it took every last ounce of their energy to call the players to their aid. 

-Equlibio and Chartreuse know a great deal about what is happening.

The Investigation

The full story is that Violet Spears, Orchid Spear’s daughter, is very headstrong and became sick of the feuds with the other colors, particularly between red and yellow. She resolved to empower herself to the point where she could rule over the Palette Plains with a firm and steady hand, taking on Equlibio, Chartreuse, and Mauve as her royal counsel. With her sorcerer (or whatever class she has), she designs a ritual intended to empower whatever is inside with the power of the rainbow. She gains the funds from her mother, who agrees to allow Violet to explore the true limits of her power. She tests this magic on a series of stones, all of which are scattered around the Faewild around the Palette Plains. Each stone is imbued with a color of the rainbow. You need one color of the sever stones to undo the ritual. After she tests the magic, she tells Equlibio her plan. Equlibio agrees not to tell anyone under some kind of compulsion, and she heads off to perform the ritual. The ritual does not succeed & Chartreuse attempts to find Violet, only to get caught within Violet’s storm. Violet lets her go because the Color Purple is actually just taking control of her (she does not want to be controlled by it, but its force is causing her to create massive power storms) and Chartreuse runs back to her kingdom to tell the queen what is happening. The queen has already begun the teleportation commands and she thanks Chartreuse for her help. The teleportation goes off without a hitch, and that is where the heroes are left off.

The Journey

The heroes have to go to Violet now. She is a couple of days travel away and the Palette Plains separates them. The Palette Plains are mostly powered by the color of the kingdom which they are located in, so the Palette Plains around the Purple Palace are actually a little weak— but they make up for it in AOE pain. This includes things such as intense debuffs if anyone tries to eat or interact too heavily with any magic items/creatures around the area.

The ride

The heroes can kill Violet, disperse the color purple, or leave her be. Regardless of what they decide to do, Violet will ultimately rejoin her mother & her friends as the rightful heiress to the throne.

  1. The characters acquaint themselves with the Faewild.
  2. The characters are told that the color purple is missing.
  3. The characters can meet Orchid, Equlibio, or Chartreuse in whatever locations you create.

Olive’s level 17 adventure. There is a girl named Olive who supplies all the food for the empire, and while she is away on business, some other guy has come by to attempt to grow the royal grainery into his own garden. The cerulean dictator has designated all of you as the ones who can come through and actually take him down to the alleyway. lvl 17 because this man cannot be caught, and you have unlimited tries to do stuff in this order

-mess with his plan

-goad him to alleyway

-bring him to kick fight valley

-take the lad home.

level 26 dungeon – dragon and his owner. the cave of misfortune.

there is a cave which has water that runs down the valley of the plateau and nourishes all the land. all your characters can actually go there, but it’s just an empty room. On the ceiling of the room, however, is this FUCKING ENORMOUS FOSSIL which is distinctly missing a claw and a tooth. in the back of the room is this alter, horribly worn down with time, seemingly worshiping this small water princess.

should you take the claw from the poisonous lake of sorrows and then the venomous tooth from the river of regret you will be able to put them back into the dragon. the cave entrance blinks, like a closed eye, and you’re trapped inside the cave. there’s a mightly howl, and the dragon’s eye on the ceiling opens, before it slowly lifts itself out of the fossil, one half decomposed bone at a time, and his whole body is lifted up with all the fleshy bits staying in place before he stretches his legs in what has been about half a century (god time). the water in the cave then rushes to the fountain, before the women in the shrine open their eyes.

“You are here to see maiden Hu, yes?” Says a smart, flat, female voice. “She has no time for adventurers like you, but do entertain yourself with Buddy while she grants your final desire…” The cave goes from a bright hue lighting to a darker black(purple) hue, and the floor suddenly starts to suck you into it. “That is, if he doesn’t eat you first.” She giggles slightly, and the cave begins to flatten out. You need to escape before the cave goes from an eye to a flat circle.

*you cannot fight maiden hu.

*the dragon has 40 turns before it gets out of the ceiling. it is invulnerable to attacks until turn 38. it can breathe fire on you at turn 38. maiden hu’s servant (unnamed) can attack you through the entire battle. you have 400 turns before the cave flattens and you become a part of maiden hu’s entourage. 

if you get through the cave of wonders, you can actually go and meet the girls of the mouth’s opening, taking you to the world capital of this earth (where i will promptly invite you to go to nyc irl with me). it’s like a really cool waterslide, ending with a freefall into the bathtub of my house. 


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