Month: July 2021

  • jericho 1996

    written in one day, by myself. that day is today, july 28, 2021. it was a lot of fun. very momentous. based on real life, with interludes from my very short and satisfying life. i did not get permission from anyone for any of the works used or referenced in this work, or any of […]

  • i stayed up too late tonight

    so i was on quora and i was answering math questions and some……. you know waht i’m really mad about? some guy will message me and try to get me to talk to him for whatever reason and it’s always the same type of character (kind of lonely looking for that Nice Girl, the One […]

  • fanfiction

    Curtail me baby slowly Fill my heart up with regret Consume me baby please With your heart up in your head Embrace me baby slowly Subsume me in your stead the above file was from 2015 when I was still writing full fanfictions. Obviously it doesn’t make any sense, as none of my texts do. […]

  • Writing

    A girl unaccompanied on the internetWhat happens to girls when there is no one around and the world is a large, dark and vast place? Chapter one. Desires.We are all young at least once, and I am still young, so when I find myself texting alone in my room, I can feel the smallest bit […]

  • weird days

    i attempted to start a podcast back in middle school, and then I failed, but I was also on a friend’s podcast, though i was in the tittle and we only did a few episodes. I would like to try again, and the name would be weird days (that’s a given).

  • Best Foods in Order

    What would life be without a food list? So… everything edible, in order, of fav to nay. Eggs, cheese, vegetables, cooked rice (yes, eggs is better than rice), bread, all sauces, fruits, and then mostly everything else, including all other types of fats and sugars.